Challenges Confronting Christians

This little book provides a brief summary of the questions Christians face when thinking deeply about Christianity and trying to confirm that Christian beliefs represent the truth and provide the guidance by which one should live.

This book is not intended for casual readers, nor those whose faith in Christianity is weak. It is intended for those who are willing to think critically about the claims of Christianity, life’s meaning and purpose, and their relationship with God.

Each question includes:

  • A naive answer. The answer provided to people that want to get the question and the cognitive dissonance it causes out of their minds.
  • A reason the naive answer is insufficent.
  • A scholar’s answer. The answer provided by the majority of Christian Biblical scholars and philosophers.
  • Examples that reveal the complications.
  • Commentary.
  • Logical conclusions.
  • References for more information. You are encouraged to do your own research.