Why is God's message is confusing?

The naive answer:

God’s message is clear to the faithful, to those who dedicate the time to understand his message.

The problem with the naive answer:

Many messages and passages in the Bible are ambiguous. The fact that so many denominations of Christianity exist is proof of this. Christians have long fought violently against other Christians due to disagreements over beliefs.

The scholar’s answer:

Some passages in the Bible have been poorly translated. In some cases, scholars have never agreed about what message the authors were trying to convey. The different authors of different books of the Bible had their own agendas and ideas of what Christianity should become and thus had some conflicting opinions. No writers foresaw the eventual inclusion of their book into the single canon that would become the Bible.

Here are a few examples of confusing messages from God:

Many Christian study groups spend time trying to Some many disagreements even among Christians - no clear cut truths

Logically, we can conclude that much of the Bible is ambiguous. The proof of this is very evident from the variations in the teachings of the different churches of Christianity. Some claim Mary is divine, others do not. Some claim you must do good works to get to heaven, others claim faith alone will get you there. Some accept evolution, others reject it. Some accept global warming, others reject it. Some accept homosexuals, others reject them. Some accept vaccines and modern medicine, others reject them. Some allow adherents to get tattoos, others forbid it. Some allow eating fish on Fridays, others do not.

Some references for further research: